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W.I.T.C.H. rating
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Welcome to W.I.T.C.H. rating! This is a community where you fill out an application and other users vote you as who they think you are most like from W.I.T.C.H. Anyone is free to join, but please remember these basic rules.


1) Anyone can vote. Even non-members are allowed to vote, but annonymous users are not. Please make sure that you keep voting even after you've been stamped, after all, this community would die without any voters.
2) Please bold the character that you're voting the member as. If you're torn between two different characters, that's fine, bold them both. It would be helpful if you explained your vote, but it's not required.
3) You may vote even if you haven't been stamped yet or you don't wish to put in an application.
4) Be honest - say what you really think. Don't be lazy and vote for a certain character just because everybody else did.


1) Posting is members-only, so you'll have to join before you can post your application.
2) For the sake of everybody's friends pages, please put your application under an LJ cut.
3) Be honest - don't say something just because you think your favorite character would say that. That would defeat the whole purpose of the community.
4) When posting your app, please make the title of your entry have the word "kandrakar" somewhere in it to show that you've read the rules. Not a big deal if you forgot, you'll just receive a little nudge to look over the rules.
5) You'll be stamped after either 1 week or after you have at least 5 votes. It might take longer for you to be stamped as certain characters since I don't have all of the stamps made yet. I'll let you know if I don't have that character's stamp done.
6) Remember, the more detail the better! This'll make it easier to get an accurate rating.


1) If you're really not satisfied with the character you got, you may re-apply. You may only re-apply twice though.
2) Make sure you put the character whom you were stamped as last time somewhere in your app so that people know not to vote you as that character. It's prefered that you bold their name to make sure that people don't miss it.


Here's the application! Just copy and paste it. The lj-cut has been put in for you.


Here's this month's themes applications. The themes are old guardians (carried over from last month), more info can be found here, and boys, more info can be found here.

S.T.A.M.P.E.D. L.I.S.T.

The list

P.R.O.M.O.T.E. U.S?

Here's a banner you can use to promote us if you want to.

We're also listed at stamping_comms.



C.H.A.R.A.C.T.E.R. L.I.S.T.

For referance. =)

Note: I copied this list from this blog crew and added a few other characters.

[X] Will Vandom
[X] Irma Lair
[X] Taranee Cook
[X] Cornelia Hale
[X] Hay Lin

[X] Orube
[X] Blunk

Heatherfield Boys
[X] Matt Olsen
[X] Martin Tubbs
[X] Nigel Ashcroft
[X] Danny Ashcroft
[X] Peter Cook
[X] Eric Lyndon
[X] Andrew Hornby
[X] Joel (Jay) Wright
[X] Uriah Dunn
[X] Kurt
[X] Laurent
[X] Luke

Former guardians of Kandrakar
[X] Yan Lin
[X] Cassidy
[X] Halinor
[X] Nerissa
[X] Kadma

Meridian inhabitants
[X] Elyon Brown
[X] Caleb
[X] Vathek
[X] Phobos
[X] Cedric
[X] Galgheita Rudolph
[X] Queen Wera
[X] Julian
[X] Aldarn
[X] Jeek
[X] Raythor
[X] Miranda

Kandrakar Inhabitants
[X] The Oracle
[X] Endarno
[X] Luba
[X] Tibor
[X] Vaal

Arkhanta Citizens
[X] Ari
[X] Yua
[X] Maqi

Random characters
[X] Mandy
[X] Lillian
[X] Alchemy

Heatherfield adults (only the ones with a large enough role are listed)
[X] Susan Vandom
[X] Thomas (Tony) Vandom
[X] Dean Collins
[X] Anna Lair
[X] Tom Lair
[X] Teresa Cook
[X] Zacharias Lyndon
[X] Herbert Olsen
[X] Mrs. Knickerbocker
[X] Raphael Sylla

The W.I.T.C.H. mood theme was created by bentfire.